Your Guide


Cleve Tedford: His forebears came to this area when it was designated: Territory of the United States South of the Ohio River; William Blount, Governor. He has spent most of a lifetime in the woods, on rivers and trails, and working with animals. His travels have included visits to over 200 farms, wildlife facilities, and zoological parks in 17 foreign countries and 44 states. Besides working and living in major cities, he has worked with and served as paid consultant on deer and elk research projects at Colorado State University, University of Georgia, South Dakota State University, National Animal Disease Center, Ames, Iowa; National Wildlife Research Center, Ft. Collins, Colorado, the University of Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. He has made numerous presentations at national and international meetings and had articles published in many farm, horse, and wildlife publications in North America and other countries.


A lifelong equestrian, Tedford has ridden with over 50 Packs of hounds after fox, coyote, and stags in America, England, Brazil, and Scotland. Besides having spent many decades studying hundreds of species of animals, he is a keen observer of people and will be as interested in you as you will be in his animals.

Citico Wildlife Wilderness is a product of his dreams, decades of hard labor, and his desire to share his blessings with folks who couldn’t conceive that a place like this exists.

ADVENTURE: At a certain point most people realize that things have far less value than good experiences. When an experience is an adventure enjoyed with family or friends, the happiness meter just about pegs out. We are here to provide an adventure that you will cherish.

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